brittany k. barnett

Girls Embracing Mothers
Criminal Justice Advocate & Attorney

Jesse is a gem. Working with her has been and continues to be nothing short of empowering and inspirational. She has the unique ability to be mindful in conversation that allows her to be an empathetic listener, pose significant questions, and create innovative and impactful strategies and solutions.

It is obvious her passion lies in helping others tap into their potential to achieve the fullest expression of themselves as humans on earth. I am so grateful for Jesse's selfless guidance and dedication to helping me fulfill my mission in life. Passion + action changes the world. Onward.

Jesse believes in the fullest of human potential to be a force for good, no matter their vocation or avocation.  Therefore, she seeks to know …. really know her clients so that they can begin to know themselves. She has encouraged me to be brave and whole in my work, thus helping me to achieve my intention to elevate humanity through our work at Freeman.


Co-Chairman of the Board

hind jarrah

Executive Director
Texas Muslim Women's Foundation

Jesse took the time to learn what our work was, she was very attentive to the TMWF Story, and with that understanding she pointed out the strength of the work being done, and shared excellent recommendations on how to capture these with our audience. Jesse is the ultimate both in compassion, as well as in professionalism and mastery of her expertise.

chantell hobbs

CLH Social Solutions LLC
Advocacy Consultant

Jesse didn't make me feel like I had to try to resemble another brand. I felt affirmed in knowing that I could incorporate all of my ideas, though they might be on two different spectrums. I felt heard and deeply understood. Jesse just didn't dump ideas on you for you to figure out how to put into practice, she gave thorough strategies to execute the ideas, especially into income generating sources. That's exactly what I needed!