Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things do you coach on?

Every client is on a unique journey to discover their best life or create the most effective organization. Here are a few reasons clients hire a coach:

  • Leaders/Influencers who need a safe place to process challenges and grow as a person
  • Shaping corporate culture 
  • Significant personal changes or challenges
  • A desire for deeper investment in the journey of self-discovery and growth
  • Career transitions
  • Spiritual growth
  • Improving relationships and relationship skills
  • Managing stress
  • Starting a new business
  • Developing mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Addressing challenges in family, work or community
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Building connectivity and effectiveness among team members
  • Defining values and creating vision
  • Family mission, purpose and values statements 
  • Feeling stuck
  • Women figuring out how to bring their whole selves to work or ministry
  • Women at home figuring out how to maintain and assert their autonomous identity

This list in no way represents the full scope of possible coaching opportunities.

What if Iā€™m interested in coaching  but not sure if you are the right coach for me?

Set up a complimentary get to know you session. The coaching relationship includes a chemistry factor. We can meet for coffee or plan a thirty minute phone session to see if we are a good fit.

Why Hire a Coach? What are the benefits?

Every client has different goals, but some of the benefits of coaching impact most clients. The International Coaching Federation provided a study with the benefits of coaching including:

  • 80% of clients improved their self-confidence
  • 73% of clients improved their relationships
  • 72% of clients improved their communication skills
  • 67% of clients improved their work-life balance

We will create a schedule which works for your needs. Over 75% of clients prefer to coach over phone or video conferencing but we can meet in person if that is preferable to you. Some clients want a few face to face meetings to establish the relationship and then transfer to phone sessions.

When and how do we meet?

A typical coaching agreement is six months. We will work together to define your needs and the duration of your agreement. 

How long will we work together?

Your whole self.


An active investment and focused energy. 


What are the most important things for the client to bring to coaching?