"Helping you discover your brilliance by consciously designing your life and work."*

As an Executive / Life Coach, I want to turn a mirror onto you or your organization so you can find your center, define your core and move forward towards success that is meaningful. The heart of Trade Last is to work with men and women, leaders, influencers, change agents, activists, and artists who desire to live a meaningful life of purpose, passion and perseverance. I want to be the wind at your back that gives you the courage, confidence and clarity you need to change the world, starting with yourself. 

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leadership development

Social activists, entrepreneurs, artists and emerging leaders have an often unspoken, but lifelong commitment to personal and professional development.  To be successful, their life and work demands a deeper investment into the journey of becoming.  

Together we will collaborate to create a personalized development program to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

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vision & values

How do you create an enduring vision for your life? For your family? For your team? Together we will begin with the end in mind. 

In a collaborative working session with you, your family or your team, we will envision a future version of reality with your best self present. With named values in place, we will craft a meaningful vision and purpose to act as a guide in the days when life seems less clear.   


This is not the end of your story.
Take courage.
And together, let's turn the page.

Crisis and challenging life circumstances are often the best launching pads for growth. Together we can sit with the hurt, unwrap existing difficulty and uncover the deep learnings underneath it all so you can move forward with purpose.

women in life, work & Ministry

Unique challenges face the modern woman. How can you bring your whole self with integrity into your professional, personal, church or nonprofit environments? What does work life balance even mean? 

Together we will explore your unique identity. Remember, you are not an accident. You were created on purpose and for a purpose. 

*From Law & Ethics in Coaching